Piano Lessons


3 years old - 103 years old (See Suzuki Method below)

All Levels

Beginners to advanced.

Piano is the Home Base

Piano is the basis of all music, which is why every music school in the country requires music students to become competent on piano. Music is an important key to a grounded body, a sharp mind, and a balanced life. All music is therapeutic. In the education of every child, the study of music is as important as readin,' writin' and  'rithmatic and is critical to every child's developing brain.

For students 3 years old to 103 years old, the piano is the gateway to all music and all musical instruments. Professor Holvick makes the study of piano an alluring adventure into a fascinating world where other teachers do not go. Students find themselves quickly playing music they would never imagine they could be capable of playing. Whether reading from the page or improvising on a melody they composed themselves, students are taught to let go of judgment and freely immerse themselves into the tingling thrill of the musical ride.

Positive Piano Practicing

Professor Holvick teaches her students how to practice in a positive way so that their time at the piano is eagerly anticipated because it is entertaining and gratifying. Many pupils record their studio lessons to facilitate their practicing at home.

Holvick Method of Piano

Professor Holvick took decades to develop a superior, unique, and efficient method of teaching piano that is effective in providing students a thorough musical education. With this direct and user-friendly approach, students can more quickly play the kind of music they like because they understand music and can see how it is constructed.

Components of Piano Study

Breadth of study includes strengthening, relaxation, note reading and writing, improvisation, composing, arranging, chord chart playing, classical and jazz music theory, ear training, dynamics/expression, sight reading, the reading, writing, and execution of rhythm, repertoire building, conducting and accompanying practices, stage presence, costuming, professional make-up, overcoming stage fright.

Accompanying Yourself

Pupils studying both voice and piano with Professor Holvick learn the popular skill of accompanying themselves on the piano while singing.