Diction Lessons Santa Barbara

Diction for Speaking

Specializing in diction and enunciation instruction, Professor Holvick trains actors, speakers, and media announcers to greatly improve their resonance, clarity, and projection. The outcome is a rich and velvety natural sounding speech that is easily understood.

All Ages, All Levels

Study Material

Elements of study may include posture alignment, the vocal instrument's anatomical support structures, spacious breathing, clear unimpeded tone, vocal range control, dynamic phrasing, broadened volume, audience-grateful immaculate diction, Queen's English, Cockney and Irish accents, facial expressions, microphone techniques, room acoustic assessment, props usage, podium practices, arm and hand gestures, stage presence, costuming, stage makeup, mastering stage fright.

Practicing Diction

Lessons are recorded for the convenience of pupils so they can practice at home or while they drive. Pupils recite phrases and words, and sentences that are tailored to their needs and goals.